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Old ideas return from the dead sketchy #sketch #printmaking #painting #art #wherearetheynow

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I am an artist and educator currently based in Denver. I have exhibited in Philadelphia, Chicago, and internationally including as a part of the Emirates Fine Art Society's 29th Annual Exhibition in Sharjah, U.A.E.


The Story

Riot Bus Art originated from a contradiction. I had heard a story about people being taken by bus to a riot in a neighboring community. It made me think of the field trips I took as a kid - standing in line, partnering with a buddy, and taking a lunch break at a rest stop. But instead of visiting the Natural History Museum or seeing a production of Peter and the Wolf, we burned something to the ground.

The idea that people can be organized to cause chaos is both funny and terrifying. Absurd yet completely plausible.

I am fascinated by contradiction, and my work attempts to exist in the space between contradictions, inconsistencies, and incongruities, and my work reflects opposing yet coexisting concepts.

I hope you enjoy the work feel free to contact me with questions or comments.


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